Trampers and Tinkers

In the spring of 1831 a family of Travellers were removed from Somerford Parva, Wiltshire to Chedworth, Gloucestershire: Emmanuel Stephens/Stevens, his wife, Elizabeth, and their children Maria, 13; Moses, 11; Amos, 9; Mark, 5; Ann, 3; Ezra, 2; Eli, 6 months. Chedworth was indeed home territory for Emmanuel Stevens and … Continue reading

Tinkers of Chedworth

Chedworth is a Gloucestershire village nestled in the Cotswolds, just seven miles from Cirencester, and was considered home territory by the Traveller family descended from Robert and Eleanor Stephens/Stevens from at least the late eighteenth century. In 1787 the Gloucestershire Overseer’s records list Robert Stephens, claiming to come from Cirencester, … Continue reading

Betty Leatherland

In the summer of 1874 an article appeared in The Times in which Sir Duncan Gibb, MD, claimed Elizabeth Leatherland, a Gypsy whom he had examined, was more than a hundred years of age, yet remained physically in good health.  He developed the story of her life, her birth as … Continue reading

Isaac Fisher

When Isaac Fisher married Hannah Gubbins at Aldenham, in Hertfordshire, on 2nd December 1729, he was just 19 years of age, and recorded as ‘of Bushey.’ He had been baptised in Aldenham on 4th April 1710, the cleric noting it was also the day that he was born, the son … Continue reading

Susannah Budd

It has long been thought that the Thomas Grey who married Susanna/Susan Faben had a considerable family with her, including the famous, or infamous, John Budd Grey. However, recent research offers a different explanation with the union of Thomas Grey, a widower, to Susannah Budd in Hilgay, Norfolk in the … Continue reading