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Eric Trudgill and Anne-Marie Ford have spent several years researching the Gypsy families specific to Anne’s ancestry, Boswells, Bucklands, Lees and Smiths, and many others besides. They have been regular contributors to the Romany and Traveller Family History Society’s journal, Romany Routes, and Eric conceived, writes and edits the Society’s series of booklets on Famous Romany Families.

This new website aims to supplement the Society’s publications and to put more of our research into the public domain, updating and expanding on previous work. The earlier stories will be archived on this site and should be completed by the spring of 2020, there will also be at least one new article published each month. In addition, Sharon Heppell is joining the site, we are completely delighted to announce. Her knowledge and wide experience is evident in her seminal work, ‘My Ancestors Were Gypsies,’ a book that is essential reading for anyone researching their own Gypsy ancestors. A founder member of the RTFHS, with a particular interest in, and knowledge of, the Smiths and the Drapers, Sharon will contribute material which, like the other articles herein, will continue to explore how Britain’s social conditions and attitudes shaped the lives and everyday experience of its Gypsy community.


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